This site is my own "food journey" cooking and creating for our family - a son who won't eat vegetables and a daughter who loves to get into the dog biscuits.

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My passion for food started as a child; being woken up early to go to The Queen Victoria Market to buy the weeks groceries, my parents would involve me in all aspects of food preparation. Family meals were heavily influenced by my Filipino dad; rice and fish for breakfast, pancit and fish soup for dinner. I learnt from an early age that food was a part of a whole system, one of using the whole animal and planting seasonal vegetables. This was reiterated in trips to the Philippines where I witnessed and experienced eating “nose to tail.” I’ll never forget witnessing the full preparation of a chicken for our Fiesta celebrations.

In 2000 I met my (future) husband Hamish while working in a record store in Melbourne (back when vinyl was a thing.) Ten years after working together we “met” again on Facebook and it was absolutely a love enhanced by food. I’d hang out in the restaurant and Hamish would cook for me – perfect. Hamish worked for some of Melbourne’s greats including, Jacques Raymond, Matteo Pignatelli, Ben Cooper and Daniel Wilson. His skills and experience have further enhanced my love of food and exposed me to the inner workings of the industry, there are some CRAZY stories out there. In 2011 we were engaged at The Chef’s Table at Vue De Monde; a true fairytale proposal in one of the most iconic restaurants in Melbourne. This site is my own “food journey” cooking and creating for our family – a son who won’t eat vegetables and a daughter who loves to get into the dog biscuits.

Like so many people, food triggers amazing memories for me and I want to help YOU create your own lifelong food stories and memories that are handed down within your family.


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