Chill Bro Paletas

20 April, 2016


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Chill Bro Paletas is an amazing paleta kiosk here in Melbourne. I wanted to be able to get paletas in Melbourne for ages so I was REALLY happy when Chill Bro opened. You might have seen them at festivals over summer, The Australian Open or even at a wedding (they do functions with the CUTEST red cart). My husband LOVES the Jelly Donut one, I prefer the fruity ones, they are so fresh and not too sweet.  The kids will eat any of them and get ALL THE TOPPINGS.

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When we were there last time we had the chorus… wahhhhhh I don’t even normally like dessert but these were next level. Light and crunchy and not oily or heavy at all. I’m literally sitting here salivating thinking about them. So. Good.

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Chill Bro Paletas

Menzies Alley, Melbourne.

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