Collingwood Children’s Farm

30 March, 2016


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Collingwood Children’s Farm¬†was the perfect place for us to visit the other day with the kids. I really wanted to go to The Abbotsford Convent for our lunch but by the time we got there and found everyone it was easier to just eat at the farm. The food was good, the coffee was great and the kids didn’t break anything. Ha!

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There are a few gorgeous gated gardens with vegetables and fruit trees growing, ample paddock areas, pig styes and of course a chicken coop. The chicken coop revived my desire to have chooks in the back garden. Fresh eggs for poaching would be a dream…. maybe we should get a couple….

2016-03-28 20.04.49 2016-03-28 20.13.16 2016-03-28 19.34.59

Collingwood Children’s Farm is open daily 0915 – 1645

The Cafe is open 0900 – 1600

$20 Families (2 adults up to 4 kids)/$10 for adults/$5 Kids

More info can be found here


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