Friday Rap-Up

17 June, 2016


Friday Rap-Up:

  1. I love watching videos online, especially if I’m breastfeeding at night. When I’m not reading, I’m watching videos with my headphones in. Found this site and the videos are hilarious, love the Anna Wintour job swap with Amy Schumer.
  2. Went to Ikea and bought the side plates and bowls from this collection, I’m a bit obsessed. Life’s too short for white/neutral crockery allllll the time.
  3. Listening to Chance The Rapper and Schoolboy Q a LOT this week.
  4. Also listening to Gallant and Sufjan Stevens especially at dinner time.
  5. A bit obsessed, with Matty Matheson and his videos for Vice Munchies… wait, VERY obsessed.
  6. Wanting to make this 12 hour lamb from Shane Delia this weekend, PERFECT weekend cooking.
  7. Received Cravings by Chrissy Teigen and Adeena Susssman this week, started bookmarking basically every page. SO good. Order it here.

Have a fab weekend everyone!!! x



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