Cheating White Chocolate Ice Cream

17 August, 2016



I don’t even LIKE ice cream but the kids do and I had the ingredients in the cupboard so decided to make this for them. Crushed up Peppermint Crisps are essential, especially on top of a pavlova. I think crushed up Peppermint Crisp bars are one of my earliest food memories, my grandma used to sprinkle them over her pavlova at Christmas. I know that being the one to crush up the bars was a job you wanted (the kids never got to do it). So when I sprinkle the shards of Peppermint Crisp over a dessert the memories it evokes are the best.


Easy White Chocolate Ice Cream

600 mis double cream

395 grams condensed milk

Good white chocolate sliced into chunks

scrapings 1/2 a vanilla bean


In an electric mixer beat the cream and condensed milk until a very thick cream consistency is reached. Add the vanilla bean and white chocolate and stir through. Put into freezer proof dish and freeze for about 4 hours.



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