Easy Tasty Poke Bowls

27 September, 2016


easy poke make at home recipe

I LOVE Asian and Middle Eastern food, give me those flavours any day over Italian. When I came across Poke (probably the last person on earth to find out about it) I had to make it – immediately. Poke is a Hawaiian dish with bit of a Japanese twist. It’s delicious and can be loaded with whatever vegetables you want, cooked, raw, pickled.

poke recipe make at home

This will basically be my daily meal over summer, maybe I’ll make it with Tofu some days but mostly it will be with Tuna or Salmon. It would be SUPER easy to make for a work lunch.

easy make at home poke recipe



Brown Rice

Roasted Sesame Seeds

Mitsukan Rice Vinegar

GOOD Soy Sauce, I use Kim Vee or Healthy Boy

Lime Juice

Fresh vegetables sliced into bite size pieces


Tuna or Salmon


Cook rice as per directions. Fluff and add a splash of Rice Vinegar and some roasted sesame seeds. Put on the bottom of your bowl or container.

Arrange vegetables to your liking

Cut fish into pieces to suit you, I like big cubes but feel free to cut it small or even mince it if you like. Add some avocado to the mix and then dress with vinegar/soy sauce and lime juice. Adjust to taste. I don’t measure quantities when it comes to dressing my Poke as I prefer to do it according to taste. Somedays I want it more tangy or other days more salty.


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