Mussels For Stereosonic Or Lunch

31 July, 2016



Mussels for Stereo or for lunch…. these look hard and scary but they honestly aren’t and they are the most delicious lunch or dinner. I think eating like this with a big tray of messy mussels, sharing the food with your family or friends – it’s the best experience. So here it is mussels for Stereosonic… or lunch….

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Mussels for Stereo Bro

Mussels – I used 2kg

1 garlic clove

1/2 an onion

5 tomatoes

Bottle of beer

Sherry Wine Vinegar


Salt Pepper

Lemon, parsley, basil.

Obtain live mussels – clean the suckers being careful to remove the “beards” – The mussles won’t like this and will clam up, but screw them, they’re being eaten anyway.

Slice a couple of garlic cloves and dice about half an onion, sweat this in a pot on a LOW heat with some olive oil and a knob of butter, until the garlic is “just” starting to get a slight golden tinge.

Throw in a bunch of tomatoes, cut into whatever shapes you can be bothered with and about half a bottle of beer… say 150 ml and a tiny splash of sherry vinegar (like 5 drops)

Chuck a lid on and let this simmer for like 10mins and then squash the toms down with squishing device of some sort. I use a potato masher. This is enough cooking. By keeping this part of the process minimal you don’t end up breaking down the seeds and having a bitter sauce. Remove from heat and put aside.

In a large pan/wok/pot/whatever heat a little oil until it is RIPPING hot then throw in the mussels put the lid on and once the heat has returned throw in the other half of the beer and then the lid again. This should open most of the mussels.

Pour in the sauce and mix the whole lot together – this should be done now and not require further cooking. – add a squeeze of lemon and garnish with basil/parsley/whatever


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