The Perfect Roast Pork

17 July, 2016



This post has been sponsored by my new favourite delivery service Your Grocer. Recently I’ve jumped on the “deliver it to my house, please” bandwagon when it comes to our weekly food shop. For clothes I’ve been doing it forever, food is a new venture though. I tried one service which apparently automatically makes your orders weekly (discovered when they delivered again the following week) :/ they also sent produce that was mouldy and their family fruit and vegetable box was 80% fruit. To say I was really disappointed with that service would be a MASSIVE understatement. Then there is one of the majors who don’t pick the best produce, forget/miss items and ordering seems complicated and overwhelming. There is another one that only lets you pick their recipes and that really doesn’t work for us.


I’ve found my happy place at Your Grocer my shops are stores I go to at least once a week anyway (Prahran Market) they do vary depending on where you live. I trust the butchers, delis and produce stalls because I go to them all the time and know their products are outstanding. I can’t speak more highly about this shopping experience, I was so happy when Your Grocer contacted me and asked me if I wanted to whip up a recipe for them because it’s a service I love and want everyone else to love too. They offer tick lists for recipes so you can pre plan meals or you can freestyle and just choose your own produce. I know people have asked me about pork so thought this was the perfect opportunity to cook it. Roast pork with celeriac remoulade, crispy saffron potatoes, charred brussel sprouts and honey carrots. With a side of horseradish mayonnaise. This sounds fancy, it’s not. Pork’s about preparation, then you throw it in the oven and basically forget about it.

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Perfect Roast Pork

1.5 kg pork belly de boned and scored to your liking

Sea Salt Flakes

2 brown onions halved

2 carrots

2 sticks of celery



1 apple, quartered


1 whole stick of lemongrass


I use lemongrass when doing a more Asian style pork belly and apple when doing a more Euro style pork belly


Put your pork onto a tray or plate and cover with salt. Let it sit in the fridge overnight uncovered to dry out. The next day, remove from the fridge, drain the liquid off and rub the salt off.

Turn your oven on to warm at about 270 degrees. Meanwhile in a roasting pan place your onion, celery, carrot and optional apple or lemongrass, place the belly on top. Once the pork has sat for about half an hour on the bench your oven should be warm and you should be good to go!

Put the pork in the oven on a medium to high rack, the aim of this part of the cooking is to get the crackle. This will take awhile, even up to an hour. Keep an eye on it, tap the skin and rotate the pan to stop it from burning on one side. Once the pork has crackled all over turn the oven right down about 150 degrees or so and let the belly cook away. This should take about an hour, sometimes I leave it for an hour and a half because I forget the time. It really doesn’t make a huuuuggeee difference just don’t leave it for 382910 hours or it will be dry.

Once it’s done pull it out and LET IT REST on a wooden board. To cut it and get through that crackle turn the belly upside down so the crackle is face down and you cut through the meat first.






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